Sound insulation

Higher air intake capacity with optimum sound insulation

Statutory provisions governing the reduction of sound emissions from industrial buildings have been tightened considerably over the last decade. These requirements can be met by using sound absorbing slabs, which considerably reduce the aerodynamic surface Aw.

An extensive research and testing programme, supported by measurements, each performed by independent institutes, forms the basis for the development of gravity roof ventilators which deliver a sound reduction index value (R'w) without the use of sound absorbing slabs of up to 24 dB. As a result of pressure drop minimisation, the relatively high sound reduction values do not significantly reduce the coefficient of discharge Cv0.

When sound reduction requirements are higher, sound absorbing slabs with aerodynamic cladding on the flow approach side are used. The high coefficient of discharge Cv0 value of GAL ventilation components means that an above-average coefficient of discharge Cv0 value is still attained for the system as a whole in combination with sound absorbing slabs.

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