Air intake systems

  • Sound attenuated air inlet unit
    Sound attenuated air inlet unit

GAL industrial air intake louvres are manufactured in single and double-skin extruded aluminium blade versions, and in versions with a sound absorbing lining, in order to satisfy the high sound reduction requirements in Europe. We also offer industrial louvres with blades in polycarbonate or glass to satisfy growing demand for daylight illumination at the workplace.

Complex air intake units, with features such as weatherproof design, adjustable louvres and sound attenuation, are designed on a project-by-project basis accordance with the requirements profile. There are a vast number of possible combinations. The products shown on the following pages are only an excerpt from the GAL delivery programme.

Series LUE-FW

GAL air intake louvres improve the climatic conditions at th...

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Series LUE-LUD

Series LU air intake louvre - at the forefront of progress. ...

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Series LLD

Series LLD air intake louvres - window finish in industrial ...

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Series Clarity

The Clarity air inlet louvre was developed to satisfy growin...

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