Series RIF

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    Series RIF

An innovative, standard-setting ventilation system.

The design of these ventilators has been considerably improved in a joint project involving GAL engineers and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) scientists in Göttingen. The aim of this project was to map flow patterns (in order to optimise the flow path and avoid flow separation). This aerodynamic research project led to the development of the Series RIF.

The world's highest coefficient of discharge Cv0 = 0,78 makes the Series RIF ventilator ideal for buildings with extreme heat loads resulting from technological processes. The Series RIF high-capacity gravity roof ventilator is distinguished by the following features:

  • The Series RIF gravity roof ventilator delivers twice the capacity of conventional ventilators, yet it has the same constructional dimensions.
  • The structural weight of the Series RIF gravity roof ventilator has been reduced by approximately 30% through improved design loads that have been verified in wind tunnel tests.


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